Here are more useful resources to help you plan out your visit to JAX.

This is the number 1 website that I recommend. Everything that you will need for your trip such as accommodations, restaurants, and favorite tourist spots can be found here.

If you want to have more in-depth knowledge of Jacksonville and is planning to move here permanently, then its official website is the go to.  You will learn the recent news happening in town, the local government, business, communities, and schools.

Since you are already in JAX, why not visit other beautiful Florida cities, right? Florida is a vast state known for its tropical beaches like Miami, and of course, Disneyland!

We don’t want the weather to ruin our beautifully planned trip, that’s why my tip is to be always updated on the current weather status. Be aware on when to bring an umbrella, but actually since this is Florida, you might always need one.  This website has real-time weather tracking and 7-day forecast.